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Although the availability of food has been rising with the rapid increase in population, but still something is less or not enough. So, Livestock is that thing which is very popular and indeed sufficient these days as Cows provide us with meat, protein, butter, milk and power. Due to their multiple production capacity, the cow supplies in is high demand these days. But what if the best cow trading company serve you the highest number of cows? It is none other than Namthip Sang-Udom. 

Namthip Sang - Udom is a renowned cow exporter, supplier, distributor and manufacturer, dealing in Livestock-Cows on a large scale. Livestock is rich in providing you with basic food needs: milk, meat, butter and protein, which is also essential for a healthy and balanced diet. As a cow manufacturer wholesale, we raise our cows on green pastures, the pastures which are chemical free and all-natural, resulting in healthy cow production. 

Also, most of the production of crops depends on cows, the cultivation of the field is done by cattle. For small farmers as well as big- scale farmers, cultivation by cows is cheap and the most natural method in comparison to costly and polluting machines.Whenever and wherever we go, we can also use the cows as a transport.  Cows can be used to supply stock from rural to urban areas. Also, grocers can roam with their vegetables in a convenient way. 

The countries which have already developed, are demanding for livestock in a bulk amount, asthis method of production is increasing its efficiency and environmental sustainability. The bulk quantity of cows you desire for, is available at Namthip Sang-Udom. The cows we give to you, are fed with natural, high-quality, locally-sourced double and triple-cleaned grains and plant protein ingredients to ensure their optimal performance. 

Not only this, the demand for production of hides and animal skin materials has been rising rapidly. Cows provide the raw materials like skins and horns to the industry. In visible exports, the share of cows is admirable. They provide the valuable foreign exchange. The share of 8% in GDP is contributed through Livestock only.

As we all know, the rate of milk and milk products have been in rising condition, so to overcome the high price, you should order cows in bulk. We provide you with the best and health cows at your place, at wholesale price and convenience.