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Welcome to Konkanok Thiangtrong. With a huge array of Agro-Food Products, you are able to get everything in bulk at wholesale price. We provide supreme quality products including: Frozen Meat, Livestock, Beans and Others, Dried Nuts, Vegetable Oil. Besides Agro-Food Products, we also provide our wholesale customers a lot scrap products including: Used Engine Oil, Computer Parts Scrap, Copper Scrap and HDPE Blue Dream Scrap.

Our Agro Food Products are produced on organic and toxic-free lands by the professionals who lay special emphasis on the quality. Safe to use, our Agro Food Products are free from any kind harmful chemical and toxic material. We are engaged in the business of wholesale Agro- Food Products and Scrap products, providing prolific deals to the esteemed clients.

Whether you are looking for used engine oil, copper pipe or tons of scrap iron and steel, or food products like frozen meat, dried nuts or vegetable oil, you can rely on Namthip Sang-Odom to be your wholesaler, manufacturer and supplier and sell you in bulk at competitive prices. We collect and manufacturer haul, process and recycle scrap metal and used oil from the sources including Construction Management, Municipal and Public Works.

We hold years of experience in the agriculture sector and have been providing innovative consultancy and designing services for agricultural and metal sector. Making use of superior quality saplings, seeds, vermiculture concepts, lawn machines and others, we have been able to provide these services in accordance with the needs of our clients.

The experience in both fields. has enabled us to understand the needs of our clients in a better manner and thus have lived up to the expectations of our clients. Research and development is our forte and this is the reason that we have innovated our services in accordance to the needs of our clients and have carved a niche for us in the market.

We’ve maintained good long-term relationships with our wholesale buyers. They trust us because they know they’ll always get products at wholesale price. Our people know our stuff. They’ve got a good eye and experience in buying the best quality products from us. Our sophisticated grading and weighing systems mean you can have complete confidence.

Our food products are always fresh and bacteria free, packed and delivered in a convenient way. Also, the scraps are delivered to you at your place, in the most accessible way possible.