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Get One Stop Solution For all Your Beverages Needs With Our Beverages Manufacturer!

The Konkanok Thiangtrong strives to be a one-stop solution as a beverages manufacturer for all the sellers and retailers in the market. With this, whether it is for business, events or personal use we are one sure bespoke solution which can tailor all the needs regarding the beverages supply. We also feature a great selection of the latest beverages which you can choose it for your wedding events, office, personal use, wholesale or exports. 

We carry a wide range of all kinds of beverages and soft drinks online coupled with efficient delivery in all the nationwide. If you are looking for cans, bottled, mineral water, packets we are sure that we will meet all kinds of your drinking needs at a wholesale price and for the wholesale distribution. As we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of beverages we offer many complimentary services as we have a friendly and dedicated delivery team in our network. 

We put in our best effort as we will give you the best shopping experience on the net. Our team has put a myriad of beverages and packs so that we can curate a time to time delivery so that we could bring the most relevant packages and products for you. You will always find convenience and value when it comes to buying wholesale stock from us. 

The other namthip Sang- Udom goal is to provide access to more and more products and offering in the market. We have more than 50 types of beverages and drinks available to us. As we are one of the leading beverages suppliers you can grow your business by adding up the beverage in stock in very affordable rates!

The best Beverages Supplier and Manufacturers in the market place!

If you outsource your beverage production and bottling management from us you will get easy access to the expertise industry and knowledge’s too. You will save a lot of valuable time and money too. With us, you will also be able to focus on resources, marketing strategy, and vital sales.

As we are one of the leading beverages manufacturer and supplier of beverages we will ensure to find the most cost effective and best solution to give the most affordable beverage production in wholesale. 

In short, we truly endeavor the combination of best we stand for that is as a beverages manufacturer company! We give technological convenience, curated beverages and packages, friendly service, bespoke solutions, and great online shopping experience to all the companies looking for the wholesale buy!

What’s more? We are walking proudly since we started by touching the hearts and claiming to be a stand out as the most leading beverages manufacturer and beverages supplier in the nationwide. If you want to have better prices, services and better selection of beverages we are happy to give the best offers!

Feel free to reach us if you are looking to place an order in bulk or you want wholesale solutions for your business beverages needs. Contact us and feel free to reach us at any time!