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Do you need Virgin Olive Oil in bulk at wholesale prices? Then, hit at Namthip Sang- Udom. It is very important to choose the best to get the best, so here we are. Namthip Sang- Udom is the most prominent manufacturer, dealer, exporter, and supplier who deal in the best quality products and are known for their timely delivery and premium packaging. 

Virgin Olive Oil is a popularly known oil that is considered the highest quality olive oil with the best flavour. It is extracted from the second pressing of the olives and pits. This type of oil has a light flavour and colour. They are considered best for the salad dressing, bread dips, and stir-fry. The only cooking oil that is made without the use of any chemicals or industrial refining is none other than Virgin Olive Oil. The whole oil is just the juice of fresh, healthy olives that has the most health-promoting nutrients for which this olive is famous worldwide. 
Virgin Olive Oil has a two-year shelf life. Therefore, it should be enjoyed before that. At Namthip Sang- Udom, we keep Virgin Olive Oil in the perfect storage conditions so that our customers should be provided with the perfect product. A peppery sensation in the mouth and throat is a sign of abundant nutrients in good, fresh Virgin Olive Oil. 
Along with its healthy components, Virgin Olive Oil also helps in fighting stress, decreasing mental fatigue, improving mood swings, and in the management of weight. 
It is a widely known fact that our hearts naturally begin to deteriorate with age. The monounsaturated fats that are found in Virgin Olive Oil can be a good source for the improvement of heart. Improvement in bone health can also be seen by the consumption of this oil as it helps the body in absorbing calcium, making it strong. 
Every 3 persons out of 5 are suffering from blood pressure problem. But with Virgin Olive Oil, it has become easy to control it. It has been scientifically proved that four tablespoons of this oil in a day can put the number of medications down to even no medications taken for controlling blood pressure. 
After knowing the great benefits of Virgin Olive Oil, you might have got convinced to buy it in bulk. You will never get the quality products like we have here at Namthip Sang- Udom.