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Sunflower seeds have been used for years by almost all the people as both a food and an oil source. The seeds can be enjoyed or eaten raw or cooked. Raw sunflower seeds are often regarded as a light and healthy snack to those desiring for well-being by getting iron, potassium, and selenium. These health benefits of these seeds attract everyone and everyone desires to buy them in bulk. So, none other than Namthip Sang-Udom can understand your requirements of sunflower seeds in bulk. Here, you buy sunflower seeds wholesale online at best price and best quality.

Namthip Sang-Udom is a renowned wholesale sunflower seeds manufacturer, supplier, exporter, dealer and distributor, that deals in quality seeds which are 100% organic with no added chemicals. The seeds are fresh, crunchy and healthy little treats, which are almost favorite of everyone. Not only it is a part of perfect snacking, but also it can be a potential ingredient to rice, salads, baked goods, etc. 

Sunflower seeds hold the characteristics of lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, rich in proteins and acts as a great antioxidant. With so much of qualities in a delicious flavor, can only be found in sunflower seeds, which you need to buy in bulk from bulk sunflower seeds suppliers right now.

As a wholesale sunflower seeds dealer, we hold up the value of producing the sunflowers in the best circumstances, which is 100% natural. No matter you are an entrepreneur, homemaker or bulk buyer, we supply sunflower seeds in bulk to all. Our seeds hold up a mild nutty flavor. These seeds are indeed a very nutritious snack, they are also great for sprinkling in salads, stir-fries, muesli or breakfast cereals. 

Withholding up the qualities of perfect healthy day game snack, they're all-natural, egg-free and pesticides free, produced and manufactured under the strict supervision of agriculture professionals. Namthip Sang-Udom has a good name in the market in providing you with top-class wholesale sunflower seeds at best price available. Also, we pack them by using eco-friendly methods and materials. After that, we deliver them conveniently and safely, at your desired place.

Sunflower seeds can stock up your refrigerator in airtight containers, providing you with the high oil content and best therapeutic uses. So stock up these incredible seeds today, to consume and sell the best and healthiest seeds ever!

Why you should choose our Sunflower Seeds?

Our Sunflower seeds are 100% natural as well as good crunchy and full of flavor, an excellent substitute for candy bars. We are amongst the leading organizations, involved in supplying and exporting a comprehensive and qualitative range of Sunflower Seeds. These seeds are usually eaten as healthy snacks rather than as a part of the meal.Protein-rich, selenium, magnesium and have high vitamin E, dietary fiber and iron content will help lower blood pressure, prevent migraines, and have anti-inflammatory properties. This is also used for garnishing in different varieties.

Health-sustaining snack in the form of Healthy Alternatives.

Enjoy a handful of these seeds and get a wealth of nutrition at the same time. They can be a delicious and nutritious snack or addition as your favorite food. Healthy Sunflower Seeds are great for night-time munching or an on-the-go treat. We are providing with high quality, nutritious value, purity and affordable price range.

How Sunflower Seeds are processed?

Sunflower seeds have become a popular snack food. The sunflower plant is an annual herb that has large yellow flowers, broad leaves and can grow from 3 to 15 ft (0.91-4.6 m) high. To make the finished product relished by millions annually, these seeds are harvested after about 120 days, dried, roasted, salted and packaged.

Producing sunflower seeds can involve the basic process of growing and harvesting the plants, separating the seeds, roasting them and then packaging.

The finished products are also tested. This may include a chemical analysis or a customer taste test.

From the packaging station, these are transferred to boxes, put on pallets, and shipped to stores.