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A tiny creature but with many health benefits, also known as a “popular seed”, is the best of the best- Sesame seed. Sesame seeds are extremely healthy and add up a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many dishes. Whether you are suffering from body ache or stress, the healthiest solution to these problems is “Sesame Seeds”. But not able to find the most genuine bulk sesame seeds supplier? Don’t worry when we are here! Namthip Sang-Udom, the most compatible wholesale sesame seeds manufacturer, supplier, exporter, dealer, and distributor, that delivers the seeds at uttermost quality and quantity.

Sesame seeds have magic inside, that can contribute to many health benefits including High source of cholesterol-lowering phytosterols, improves blood pressure, balances hormones, maintain heart health and many more. With so many amazing benefits, if you want to buy sesame seeds wholesale, then choose the best sesame seeds supplier and exporter, which is us. Namthip Sang-Udom says with its quality seeds, selling them at the wholesale price.

No matter you want to stock up your refrigerator with sesame seeds. Or you are a retailer or a wholesale buyer, these seeds are amazing the best for better digestion and healthier bones. Grinding the seeds or soaking them overnight can help make the seeds more digestible. Also, if you are feeling that your skin has become dull, the seeds can be a great agent to give you back the most natural and young look, without actually affecting your skin cells with chemicals. 

The people who are a fan of seafood can add up the sesame seeds to experience that tastiest sea appetite ever. Losing hair? Eat sesame seeds. Facing skin issues? Have some sesame seeds. Losing energy? Boost up your energy level by eating sesame seeds right now? With so many mind-blowing properties, no you must be craving to have bulk sesame seeds with you right and then. 

Sesame seeds are more than adorn for cookies and bakery products- they’re a treasure trove of nutrients that strengthen our skin, bones, and immune system. The sesame seeds we sell here are raw and organic, an excellent source of copper, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, molybdenum, and selenium. They’re also a good source of fiber. Namthip Sang Udom offers the sesame seeds at an extremely reasonable price; you will never have to think twice before buying wholesale sesame seeds in bulk from us.

Why you should choose our Sesame Seeds?

Our Sesame Seeds are High vitamin E content, Garnishing agent, Good for joints and skin, Ideal for making til-gul and High nutritional value. Sesame has the highest oil content. With a rich and nutty flavor, it is a common ingredient in all types of cuisines. Our Sesame Seeds contains high amounts of protein and dietary fiber. It has one of the top oil contents of any seed. With a rich, nutty flavor, it is a common component in cuisines across the world. The flour that remains after oil extraction from sesame seeds is 35-50% protein and contains carbohydrates. It is also called sesame meal, is an excellent high-protein feed for poultry and livestock. These are widely used in salads and other dishes of various cuisines. These are loaded with multiple nutrients that are essential for the building up of the body. And also our Sesame Seeds are a Rich source of Fibre as well as Helping for lowering Cholesterol.