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If you want the most versatile and essential ingredient with health benefits in your appetite, then there is nothing better than “Green Mung Beans”. This legume is easy to digest and holds up many health benefits including: weight control, lowers blood pressure, lean source of protein, a vegan source of iron and many more. Wondering where to buy protein-rich Green Mung Beans in bulk? Namthip Sang-Udom is the ideal place to buy sesame seeds wholesale, the quality which is superior and supplied in bulk.

Green Mung Beans belong to the same family of leguminous seeds- peas and lentils. Due to the high protein and dietary fibre, green mung being is highly cherished around the world. The seeds are perfect appetite for those who want to stay healthy throughout their lives. As a wholesale green mung beans manufacturer, supplier, exporter, dealer and distributor, we lend you the most organic and the healthiest wholesale green mung beans at best price.

Due to the popularity of these seeds, they are in demand to get stored in the bulk, be it home, retail shop or bulk shop. Namthip Sang-Udom is a bulk sesame seeds supplier, which delivers the green mung beans at your place in the most convenient way. 

Green mung seeds contain the best anti-ageing agent in it- copper. It helps the skin to rejuvenate and glow like young skin. So, you don’t need to worry about your skin anymore as green mung seeds will blow away your wrinkled and dead skin forever! Also, the seeds bestow shine to your hair. If you have dry, damaged and dull hair, then this is the best solution to rejuvenate your hair too in the most natural manner.

Loaded with lots of nutritional benefits, green mung beans are packed in an econ-friendly method, so that the vitamins and minerals do not get affected and provide you with the best health cures. As a green mung beans supplier and exporter, we keep quality of the product at our priorities and look forward to serve you with best beans ever, at the best price available in the competitive market.

Wondering why choose us for bulk quantity? So, this is to tell you that we own the supremacy of selling bulk quantities of green mung beans to big entities and homes, who appreciate our service every time they buy from us! Give us a chance, we will prove you why we are the best!