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Any occasion? Let’s eat chicken! Want to refresh mood and taste? Eat chicken. Everyone’s favorite appetite? Of course, it’s Chicken! Be it any occasion or not, Chicken is loved by all. Chicken might be your first and only love when it comes to eating the best food. The soft and creamy meat you can ever encounter is one and only- CHICKEN! But hold on, is there anything stopping you from eating chicken or you might not able to eat chicken because of inferior quality and quantity? Oh, we got you. The problem is that you are not able to stock your refrigerators be it at home, restaurant or retail shop. So, your friend is here to help you, the king of the wholesale chicken supplier, distributor, and dealer- Namthip Sang- Udom. 

As a leading frozen chicken manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and distributor, we are famous for our wholesale frozen chicken in terms of quality as well as bulk quantity. We work with a single-minded mission: To re-imagine the supply chain so you can buy the best chicken online wholesale at best price.  We hope to offer you the bulkiest lot of frozen chicken, packed and delivered conveniently at your desired delivery point. If you are like to stay at home and also a chicken lover, then buying chicken wholesale can bring you the most qualitative meat at wholesale prices. You can stock your refrigerator up to any level. Also, the restaurant owners and retailers and sellers, who are willing to buy frozen chicken in bulk online, can get their quantities online from the renowned chicken supplier, exporter, and distributor- Namthip Sang Udom, at wholesale chicken prices.

We strive to deliver the bacteria free and the healthiest chicken to our trustworthy customers. Our cocks are raised on organic lands and given organic grains to eat so that they remain infection free. Also, when we mold the chicken in a convenient way, we directly put the bulk of chicken in the freezer, so that it remains fresh with original taste. After all, the packing we do is commendable and delivered to you in the safest way possible.

With years of experience in trade and distribution of bulk frozen chicken, we have learned the importance of our partnerships and work hard to add value to your business at every step of the supply chain process. You receive the exact quantity of chicken at delivery that you ordered online.

Why you should choose our Frozen Chicken?

Buy Frozen chicken, at best price from tradeallproducts. The delicious and juicy chicken of the tradeallproducts makes your meal more agreeable to the platters. Low fat and additive free, it suggests a strong dietary diet. It assists in preparing fast recipes such as tikka, kebabs and more. It is hygienically maintaining packing standards of high protein strong boneless chicken breasts. Backed by a rich industrial experience; we are engaged in offering an admirable array of Frozen Chicken at an inexpensive cost.

Talking of hygiene, we always process your selection in the freshest and healthy way possible. Strict health and hygiene tests are maintained during all processes, starting from receiving of ingredients to processing, packaging & storage of materials. Virtually all of our products are frozen and are stored and transported in a frozen state. Let us plan a tasty lunch or dinner with your closet ones with high-quality frozen chicken make it a most wonderful memory.

How Frozen Chickens are processed?

We are mostly taken Frozen storage time (including poultry bought fresh and frozen in a home freezer) depends on the temperature of the freezer, the quality of the packaging, and the cycling of the freezer. For best results, it should be used within three months. Frozen chicken products can be used directly in the frozen state or thawed first. Thawing should be done in the refrigerator or under running cold water to minimize the potential for microbial contamination. Thus, we use the best ways to give best-frozen products to our customer. Our following process standards can make us best in the present market.