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The love of most of the people is believed to be none other than “Beef”. They are so much in love of eating this appetite that they see beef everywhere and every time. The meat with most amazing taste and variety is believed to be “Beef”. And if it is frozen and then made, it directly gets you the experience of food heaven. But the problem arises when you do not get in the quantity and quality which you wish to get. Alright, someone is there to widen your smile, and that is none other than- Namthip Sang- Udom.

Namthip Sang- Udom is the online platform which allows their lovely customers to buy wholesale beef online in bulk at wholesale beef prices. We are Frozen Beef manufacturer, supplier, exporter and distributor and dealer which deals in bulk quantity, delivering at your desired place.

Whether you are a protein lover, restaurant owner, meat retailer or wholesale buyer, we are regarded as bulk beef suppliers, wholesale beef suppliers at best price. We raise our cows on organic lands, all natural with no growth hormones or antibiotics. The beef you get, is full of protein and disease- free. The most organic and healthiest wholesale beef you can ever find is, at Namthip Sang- Udom. We are the most trusted beef distributors, delivering the wholesale beef worldwide.

As a bulk beef supplier, we deliver the beef which contains a mix of the various different proteins. If you are looking to stock your freezer at home with bulk beef, or stock you shop to sell the frozen beef, then we would love to work with you to customize your order to fit your needs. We put the frozen beef together in bulk to move it proportionately to your way.

The savings you get access with is, when you buy beef online wholesale. When you purchase frozen beef in bulk, it not only saves your currency but also your time and headache of going to market places and searching for the best. You often return disappointed as the best is us and you find us online at 

The quantity of bulk beef we deliver, is the exact what you choose, as we weigh the frozen beef by the hanging weight and offer these in pre-assembled bundles. This way, you easily assume the quantity and no more remain in dilemma of guessing the right quantity.