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If you have not known “Chick Peas”, then you are far away from tasting the best nutty legume. Chick Peas are as popular as any good food, which is full of nutrition including protein and minerals. It can be eaten as a snack or a full meal for those aspiring low cholesterol, weight loss, regulated blood sugar, energy boost, etc. And when these tasty peas are available in bulk amount, it seems like “icing on the cake”. To buy chickpeas wholesale and right quality and quantity, you need to buy from us, i.e., Namthip Sang-Udom. 

Namthip Sang-Udom aims to produce the supreme quality chickpeas in bulk, to be delivered at wholesale price. The chickpeas manufacture here is a good source of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. These nutrients contribute to treating diabetes, bone health, blood pressure, and heart health. Not only this, our chickpeas can be converted into health and nutritious flour. 

Due to the efficient amount of carbohydrate content, chickpeas helps to slowly digest and use for energy. Namthip Sang-Udom concerns for your health every time it delivers you as a wholesale chickpeas manufacturer, supplier, exporter, dealer, and distributor. We are a bulk chickpeas supplier; we ship the quantity and quality you desire for! Our customers can rely on us without hesitation.

The fiber through chickpeas, helps the body feel full for longer, by interacting with ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and inhibiting its release to some degree. This bean has been considered the best when it comes to weight loss. The rich fiber you can find is available at Namthip Sang-Udom. Here, no matter what your purpose is, be it homemaker, retailer or seller, we act as bulk chickpeas supplier, by keeping the safety in mind and we make sure that our product is 100% organic and chemical-free.

Sprinkle a handful of chickpeas on a salad, or add whole or pureed chickpeas to soup, you will be blown away with the taste and rich nutrients it provides in the healthiest and the tastiest manner. At Namthip Sang-Udom, we promise that you will find our products the most deserving for your precious money. With no cholesterol, saturated, or trans-fat, the chickpeas are also a low calorie, high protein option for the health-conscious consumer. Give us a chance and we will prove to you why we are the best in the market.

Why you should choose our Chickpeas?
Chickpeas offer specific health benefits, and consuming them regularly boosts your intake of a few key nutrients. Eating chickpeas provide you protein, fiber, manganese, and folate, which keep you healthy and energetic. We are providing you chickpeas at wholesale price as we are bulk chickpeas supplier with the finest quality.

Our chickpeas are 100% Makes perfect cholesterol, High nutrition and organically produced. These delicious and adaptable chickpeas are tasty in salads and stews, as well as in a variety of European and Asian dishes. Perfect for making your tasty hummus.

One can avail these products from us in various packaging and quantities as per their requirements. Our quality controllers keep their strict eye on entire processes, ensuring the delivery of quality products at the client's end. Manufactured using high-quality raw material; our products have set benchmarks in the domains of purity, taste, and hygiene. Besides, our ability to fulfill customized packing requirements and our customer friendly business approaches had given us a huge client base.

How Chickpeas are processed?
We are collecting the chickpeas from local farmers directly. And can process into more as sorting, shelling and peeling methods. First, we can sort into uniform chickpea size and contribute to shell efficiently without destroying shelling rolls.
After that, we make them into shelling process. Before Peeling can be soaked in water to reduce friction. Peeling gives more taste to chickpeas. Further processing into frying and grinding. These give more tasty to chickpeas.
Processed chickpeas can be packed into well packaging system. Good packaging can be good for further storage to avoid product wastage and damage.
Let us enjoy our chickpeas get healthier, strong and live happily.