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Do you want wholesale Betel nuts in bulk? Then, always remember the name Namthip Sang- Udom. We are counted amongst the most prominent Betel Nuts manufacturer, wholesalers, exporters, suppliers and distributors that deal in the quality products and serve the best to our customers. Here, we have Betel nuts available in dried, cured, and fresh forms in bulk quantity as required by the customers. Our offered Betel Nuts have an exceptional flavour and long shelf life. We offer them to various establishments, at the leading market rates. 

Timely delivery in premium packaging is our forte. All the processes are done under the supervision of experts in every section. 

There are mainly three ingredients in number that are used in combination to form Betel nut. According to studies, it has been reported that Betel nuts have pharmacological properties and can be used for any therapeutic purpose. 
Betel nuts use can be beneficial for the recovery in patients who had a stroke recently. This product has varied qualities that helps in the improvement of speech, bladder control and muscle strength in patients. 

Use of Betel nuts can be fruitful if you want to see improvements in symptoms of schizophrenia. You will be amazed to know that Betel nut has been used in toothpastes as an ingredient for the prevention of cavities. 

Dry mouth is such condition that usually occurs due to diabetes and Sjogren's syndrome. But the use of Betel nuts has made its treatment quite easy with just a click as its use may tend to produce large amounts of saliva. 

The popularly known chewing nut such as Betel nut or supari are the product of areca nut palm. This product carries a great height of demand as it is used in very large extent by the people. The link of Betel nuts with religious practices can be seen here in India. Betel nut is produced in bulk or heavy quantity due to its demand all around the country. The areca nut is not a true nut, but rather a fruit categorized as a drupe. 

If you are a desired buyer of Betel nuts and want it in bulk, then this place is your ticket to get it done. No other supplier or distributer can serve you the quality we do. Choose the best, choose US!