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We cannot deny to the fact that almost everyone loves Avocado much. The fruity taste you get from Avocado, is the thing that cannot get better. Avocado is rather a unique fruit as it provides you with high healthy fats, not carbohydrates like other fruits. And this is the quality that people get attracted towards more. Due to this, you crave for this more and more and think about only stocking the tasty avocados in bulk be it your home or for selling.But what you think may not often turn true, means you may not get the quality and quantity which you are looking for. But this does not at least happen at Namthip Sang-Udom, as we are wholesale avocado supplier, exporter, dealer and distributor, who sells only genuine and organic avocados at the competitive prices.

With extremely low level of cholesterol, Avocado plays safe with diabetic patients and provides with fat content comes from unique sources, like phytosterols, which are beneficial for a number of reasons. The Avocado produced by Namthip Sang-Udom is the most organic food, which has many therapeutic uses:

•    Acts as an aphrodisiac
•    Helps in treating arthritis 
•    Helps with diabetes management 
•    Promotes skin health 
•    Promotes weight loss
•    A rich source of fibre
•    Can help improve cholesterol profile
•    Bolster absorption of plant based nutrients
•    Support eye health
•    Contain essential folic acid
•    Helps promote liver function.

Due to its delicious taste with health benefits, avocado has become almost a daily need for the users who can assess its features. Therefore, the demand of avocado in bulk has risen with the time. As a bulk avocado supplier, Namthip Sang-Udom delivers only the trust and qualitative avocado online, at the best price possible. Here you can buy avocado wholesale without hesitation, as the avocados are grown by the professionals, on organic fields and without insecticide or pesticides. 

Universally known as a superfood, avocado is a popular dish by health conscious individuals all over the world because of the nutritional value it provides with. Not only this, the type of fat it contains, can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack along with the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. But it all depends on the quality and quantity to get. The best quality and quantity of avocado in bulk you can get without doubt, is at Namthip Sang-Udom. Here, we deliver the best to our best and important bulk customers.

Why you should choose our Avocado?

We offer an array of Avocado that is a pear-shaped green plant. It can avail in two varieties viz; thin-skinned green and rough-skinned black hass. As compared to Fuerte, black hass has more buttery texture and a smaller pit. This has a nutty flavor and is rich extremely rich in terms of vitamin E.With very long years of working in this domain, we are offering quality assured array of Avocado Hass. They are healthy. They are so tasty and have no added preservatives too. Adding to all, they are used in many cooking purposes too.

Leveraging on our massive industrial experience, we are promised in providing quality assured Fresh Avocado. We offer Avocado that is a pear-shaped green plant. Our Avocado has Rich in Vitamins,Low in Cholestral and you can easily use in both Savoury and Sweet dishes at any time.

Through our Purity,Natural taste,High nutritional value we become best in the market.

How Avocado is processed?

We follow a perfect method of processing Avocado.Before processing of the fruit, the lot shall be sampled in order to detect quarantine pests and diseases, and control the general appearance of the fruit and its quality (stains,injuries, discolorations,mechanical damage and more). At the same time, the characteristics of the particular variety are verified carefully.

We always take high response of avocado on storage temperatures vary according to temperature ranges, as follows:

10 to 25°C: Acocado fruit softens faster as storage temperature increases.

At 5 to 8°C – It’s softening is controlled, and it will only occur if the fruit is transferred to higher temperatures.

0 to 4°C, softening is limited by time at this temperature, due to the risk of chilling injury. However recommended storage conditions may differ according to the avocado variety.

Good packaging

Fruit is then size and quality graded, packed into (trays and boxes as determined by the importing countries) and pre-cooled prior to transportation. The packaging material varies according to requirement of customer, being cardboard, plastic, or wood. The most common vessels for packaging is single wall corrugated fiberboard or wooden boxes.